Day Trip: Breckenridge to Vail

If you're a ski bunny looking for another slope to ski down (or fall down, in my case). Just a 45 minute drive from Breckenridge to Vail, you'll arrive in the quintessential Colorado ski town. Vail was built in the 60's. What I love about this ski town is that it was built with skiers in mind, making it very convenient to ski in and out. 

Mud Season in Vail​

I arrived in Vail at the peak of mud season. Mud season means quite a few things. There aren't as many tourists usually because it's shoulder season or off peak times to travel. And the dirt roads and hiking trails are muddy due to the extra rain or melting snow. 

free parking in vail

Quite a few shops in the Vail Village were closed, or had cute hand written signs up saying the workers had gone to lunch, or would be back in 15 minutes. It was the end of Fall, so only a few leaves were left on the trees. 

It may sound ugly and boring, but I also think it's one of my favorite times to see a town. You get the rare opportunity to see a place for what it is. It isn't littered with oblivious tourists or children having meltdowns everywhere.

Save Some Money​

Mud season also gives the opportunity to keep some green in your pocket. I didn't have to pay for parking when I got to Vail, saving me at least a tenner. Paying for parking is one thing I'm super stingy about. I will happily walk the extra block or two in hopes of saving a couple bucks.

A lot of the tourist shops will have sales! With the ski season quickly approaching, shop owners are trying to get rid of their stock before the new ski stuff comes out.

ice cream in vail

You can also get specialty items easier and don't have to worry about waiting in lines, like this Cinnamon Toast Crunch ice cream I ordered, yum!​

From fur shops to art galleries and multi-million dollar condos, ​you can smell the money in this town. We create a game called, "Whose Your Daddy?" You play the game by (discretely) identifying a couple then guessing if it was a Sugar Daddy (or Sugar Momma) situation. I have to admit, I saw quite a few that were more than obvious.

If you're considering a day trip from Breckenridge to Vail, are looking for another slope to show off on, or are planning a trip to Vail. Any season is really beautiful and you can play rich for a day!


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