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Where to Take Excellent Prague Photos

After finally making it to Prague, after buying three bus tickets from Krakow, I was instantly blown away by the beautiful buildings. It's a great place for photographers, because everywhere you look is an architectural masterpiece. The city of Prague, or Praha, where beer is cheaper than water and the currency looks like monopoly money. 

Beer, Beer, Beer, Everywhere​

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The beer is so cheap in fact, it's how I met my new friend, Priscilla in Prague. I was doing my traditional free walking tour and saw this Brazilian woman, flipping her hair while she chugged a beer at nine o'clock in the morning. I spotted her, dropped my jaw, and knew I had to be her friend. When I asked her about her beverage of choice so early in the morning, her response was, "It's my breakfast, it's cheaper than a bottle of water!"

I quickly jogged over to the nearest stand to buy a beer tojoin Priscilla. I figured it may make the tour even more enjoyable. Now, you may understand why my historical notes and memories are a bit faded from the tour, but I still took some great Prague photos!

Touristy Attractions

Your Prague itinerary must include a visit to the Old Town Square. It's insanely picturesque, but expect to pay tourist prices. If you walk three blocks in any direction, you'll find cheap, Prague prices again. In the square is the famous Astronomical Clock. The clock puts on a little show at the turn of every hour.

prague astronomical clock tower

Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square, Prague

The best part of the show is to stand with your back to the​ clock and watch the crowds faces drop in disappointment. Some tourists even realized they stood waiting for 20 minutes. I'm sure this was incredibly entertaining back in the 15th century, but hey now we have Netflix and Pokemon Go. It takes a bit more to get us clapping.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Prague is the Charles Bridge. Y​ou know you're even remotely close to the bridge, because you slowly join the swarm of tourists making their way to cross the bridge. On my next visit to Prague, I may try to visit in the wee hours of the morning to see what it's like without all the people, because it is truly beautiful.

Tourist love to touch things. Statues that have a finger pointing, a bare breast, a holy figure's nose, even a ​flaccid penis (inside the Prague castle) are bright and shiny from the number of sweaty tourists that think it's good luck if they touch it. Charles Bridge does not disappoint from this aspect. I'm not a germophobe by any means, but I prefer to not have the stomach flu while traveling.

charles bridge prague

In front of Charles Bridge

​Priscilla and I also enjoyed a boat tour that gave even more beautiful views of the city! Try to find one that serves alcohol, most do, but you don't want to risk it. 

Prague Travel Tip

Make sure to count your change after you purchase something. Priscilla found out that she was getting short changed when we ordered drinks. ​Keep yourself updated on the currency exchange rate and brush up on your basic math skills!

Limited Clothing Options

My arrival in Prague also greeted me with wonderful, warm weather. Unfortunately, my backpack was filled with clothing more appropriate for the colder climates of Copenhagen or Oslo.​ The easiest solution? Throw them away, or donate them, and head to H&M. 

After wearing the same clothes every week for months, not only do you get sick of your wardrobe, but they start to fall apart. I'm not sure hostel washers have a "gentle/don't ruin my clothes" cycle. I stopped off to the cheap clothing sto​re to replenish my wardrobe. That day it was so hot, I couldn't image wearing my outfit any longer. I bought a new dress and immediately got rid of the clothes I was wearing.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle

I was a little apprehensive about the new dress I had just bought. Did I give myself a good look in the mirror before buying this? What if it's see through? Oh, people are staring at me, it's definitely see through!​

I was getting ready to start a tour of the Prague Castle and in my mind there was about a 50/50 shot that ​random strangers could see my underwear. So, what did I do? I asked a fellow random stranger. I have two rules when asking strangers for advice.

1. Pick someone in their 20's or 30's, they are most likely to speak English.

2. Ask a female. I feel like there is a greater sense of comradery among women, especially travelers. Plus, in this scenario, only a female would do.

So, I asked a woman on the tour whether my dress was see through or not. This probably isn't a normal question to be asked by a stranger, who's name I know now is Kimaya, so she was instantly intrigued by my weirdness and we started hanging out. She assured me that my dress was NOT revealing and that I was probably just paranoid. Kimaya and I explored the Prague castle together and celebrated our random friendship with a few drinks afterwards.

Prague Photos

A view of Prague from the castle hill.

I think the best part about the castle tour was the stunning view from the top of the hill. You seriously can't beat it, with a view of all the rooftops​.

Date Night With Myself​

In Prague, you can get pretty cheap tickets to the arts. I decided that I deserved a night of fanciness and took myself on a date. I found a ticket to the ballet, Swan Lake, for under 12 USD! I guess I'm a cheap date, but I'm not mad about it.

Somewhere between getting lost and realizing I was actually lost, I found the statue of Kakfa by David Cerny. You have to watch the video to understand how mesmerizing it was! The face slowly moves around matrix style.

Prague is an excellent getaway for those on a budget. The city is full of travelers, and English speakers, but has a fun, hipster vibe amongst the beautifully old buildings. ​If you're looking for an authentic Prague experience just head outside the touristy zones for some Czech enligtenment. 

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