easy hike in breckenridge

Mayflower Gulch: An Easy Hike in Breckenridge

Fitbit Stats: 

Duration: 1 hour and 55 min. Steps: 7,930. Calorie Burn: 610. Distance: 5 mi total.

If you're staying in Summit County, an easy hike in Breckenridge is Mayflower Gulch. The trailhead is about 6 miles outside of Copper. If you take Highway 91 towards Leadville, the opening for the trailhead is on the left.

The trail is well marked, because it used to be a wagon path. The wagon path has a steady, but easy incline that leads you up to an old abandoned mining town, which was once called the Boston Mine.

As you make your way through the trees you'll see a number of items left from the miners, including a dilapidated ore chute. I even saw an old can close to the path.

After the trees clear, you'll cross Mayflower Creek. When you get to this point you are now in the basin and surrounded by sawtooth peaks. Past the gate, you'll see 3 dilapidated buildings left from the old mine. The most intact building still has a roof and floors. Of course, be cautious when navigating around old mines. Some of the ground may not be stable. ​

The trail is relatively well used in good weather and you'll meet many other hikers, bikers, and dogs on the path. Enjoy​ exploring a blast from the past as you take this easy hike in Breckenridge.

Mayflower Gulch

This was one of my first hikes since moving to Breckenridge. I immediately went out to invest in a good pair of hiking boots


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