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visiting boulder

Visiting Boulder: A Quick Day Trip

Being in one state for more than a couple weeks would normally bore me to death. Fortunately, the state of Colorado is full of towns, hikes, and activities to keep you entertained. One of my favorite day trips, was visiting Boulder, Colorado this fall.

​Boulder is snuggled between the foothills and the Rocky Mountains. It was originally purposed as a supply town for the miners in the mountains. Now, with close proximity to Denver and the University of Colorado, there are plenty of things to do and experience. 

visiting boulder

I spent the day roaming between cute shops at the Pearl Street Mall. It's rumored that Pearl Street is named after a wife of one of the founders. Now, you can discover a multitude of hipster shops, fun restaurants, and culture in this little college town.

eureka! boulder

A delicious lunch at Eureka!

I love discovering murals and was instantly endeared to the street art and hipster vibes of Boulder. One of my favorites was the psychedelic purple and pink painting on 19th and Pearl.​ Continuing down the street, I found a little feline company in my midst (photo at the bottom).

We had a delicious lunch at Eureka!​ right off Pearl Street. We started with an appetizer of Brussel sprouts and I had the most amazing chicken sandwich for lunch! I couldn't recommend this place more, but I'm positive the entire city is filled with great restaurants. 

Shopping on Pearl Street

While wandering through Pearl Street, I was immediately drawn to the used book store called Red Letter Second Hand Books. I love the feeling of walking into a store and being able to smell the dust and old books in the air. The entire shop was so filled with books, I could scarcely see the walls behind the shelves.

The books were haphazardly placed, I wondered what complicated system they were using to maintain a semblance of organization.​

Another favorite shop of mine was the Buffalo Exchange. A shop filled with gently worn clothing that gives you a glimpse into the previous life of the clothing. 

Of course you notice that my two favorite shops were reselling used items. I think that since I've become a backpacker, I find less value in expensive items. My funds are limited and I go through clothing, books, and well, everything, rather quickly. 

Before I buy something, I usually contemplate my purchase for a good couple of minutes. If I spend $20 on this shirt, will it make me happy? Would this money be better spent on a fancy meal in Thailand? Hence, my new found love for used stores.

Celestial Tea Factory

After spending the afternoon walking around Pearl Street, I wanted to do something other than shopping. To my surprise, I found out that the Celestial Tea Factory is conveniently situated in Boulder. They also offer free factory tours!

While on the tour, a woman started talking to me. A moment of clarity hit me and I realized I recognized her! I had met her in the bathroom of Union Station in Denver. She had a backpack and I started up a conversation with her while washing my hands.

What a coincidence to again meet her at the Celestial Tea Factory in Boulder! The world is a small place I tell you.

boulder street art


  1. Sounds like Boulder is a hip place…I would never have thought! I really like the wall mural you have at the top of this post, very psychedelic indeed! Living in Thailand now, whenever I go back to US I also contemplate buying “expensive things”- always comparing the cost to what I can get for that amount in Thailand…With more expensive items, I always think “do I want this thing when I can use the money to pay for a ticket to XYZ?” 🙂

  2. Boulder looks like such a quaint and pretty mountain town. Spending the day browsing book stores and tea shops sounds fun. Any chance you’ll post more photos of the murals you saw. We love murals.

  3. Nice, I like the sound of Boulder, especially the second hand book shop and street murals. Love street art, think I’ve seen some of the best in Mexico City, so impressive what people can do. Happy travels (www.360honeymoon.com)

  4. Short & nice! This is how it should be 🙂
    Thank you for sharing the experiences of your “Boulder day”. Since we plan to discover also the USA more from time to time I would remember now for the next time your tips and it seems this could be a good place to stay overnight on a roadtrip… cheers, Birdie & Hendrik

  5. Looks like quiet an interesting place to visit on a day trip. I like the book store full of books, though have to agree it might take a lot of time to locate something there

  6. Haha..sometimes we will be surprised by something unexpected. Often times I have a similar thought like, Oo..I have been here so many times, what else interesting things to find here. Then, unexpectedly I will find new places or new experiences that not less interesting like going to a new place. Aa..ah..I love travelling. 🙂

  7. Boulder seems like a great place to getaway for a day trip. It retains its old world charm which is so endearing. I am sure you had a great time and promised yourself that you will be back.

  8. Sheena

    I’ve been hearing a lot lately of Boulder as a hipster city. I’d love to check it out one day but not sure if I’d be cool enough to fit in 🙂

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