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I instantly fell in love with the city when I went to visit Seattle. It’s the perfect combination of nature and city to get lost in. It’s difficult to take horrible pictures in this beautiful place.

Pike Place Market – No trip to Seattle is complete without visiting the iconic Public Market. Inside are little shops set up to sell whatever your heart desires- pastries, fish, flowers, nick-knacks, etc. We stopped at Matt’s in the Market for brunch and a view. Of course, no brunch is complete without a Bloody Mary.


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A notable stop is the first Starbucks location. There is a constant line out the door for coffee, so be prepared to wait. We skipped this and opted for a small coffee shop down the road.Just around the corner from the Pike Place Market you’ll find the Gum Wall Space. The tunnel walls are covered in chewing gum, notes, and business cards. I found myself both amazed and equally disgusted. The city tried cleaning the gum off in November 2015, for the first time in 20 years. Only six days later, the walls were beginning to fill with gum again. Check out the Times article on the Gum Wall “Regummed.”

If you’re looking for the best view of downtown Seattle and the skyline hit up Kerry Park. It’s quite a hike on foot, if you take a cab or Uber tell them Kerry Park on Queen Anne hill.

Another highlight of the trip was taking the Seattle Underground Tour. Seattle in the late 1800’s was originally built at sea level and the buildings were made of wood. This means the city smelled of sewage and was susceptible to fires. In 1889, the entire city burned to a crisp when a cabinet maker knocked over bucket causing a grease fire. The people of Seattle only had one option, to rebuild! The city decided to bring the city up two stories above sea level. The businesses and shop keepers couldn’t afford to wait for that to happen and started reconstruction immediately. When the new city was built on top of the old construction, it created the spooky Seattle Underground.

For a sweet tooth craving, try a cupcake sundae at Cupcake Royale. Just a couple blocks from Pike Place Market, enjoy a variety of deliciously flavored cupcakes. For the adventurous, make it a cupcake sundae.

We wrapped up our visit with a Seattle Boat tour and a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel. Both attractions were mediocre and overly priced, but we got some great pictures out of it.

Sad about saying goodbye to the Pacific Northwest tomorrow. Back to reality…

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