Best Time to Buy Plane Tickets

It’s a cat and mouse game when trying to determine the best time to buy plane tickets. You want to wait until the cheapest price is available, but not too long that the price sky rockets. There are rules for every variable- domestic or international, cheapoair or Expedia, time of day, day of the week, or days before your departure. There are market considerations to factor in as well. Here are the top 5 rules to follow when booking your flight.

  1. Magic moment: Tuesdays at 3pm EST.
  2. Domestic flight: 50 days before your departure.
  3. International flight: this varies based on country. Check out the infographic by
  4. Compare vendors. I strongly recommend using for comparing airline carriers.
  5. Fly out on a Wednesday. Mid-week is one of the lowest travel days, where as the weekend will be more expensive.

The reason I use Kayak is they have the option to search multiple departure and arrival airports. If your travel plans are flexible, you can open up your locations to find the cheapest option. When I bought my plane ticket to Madrid, I could compare airports in the U.S. and ended up saving $75 by flying out of LaGuardia instead of JFK.

Follow the top 5 rules to determine the best time to buy your plane ticket. Everyone loves saving money. Having an extra $100 in your pocket could open up more opportunities for your trip. Imagine yourself celebrating your vacation by popping a fancy bottle of champagne, or splurging on a fancy hotel. Enjoy your trip!