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Finding Stylish Backpacking Boots

After moving to Breckenridge and wanting to hike around the mountains more, I knew I needed to invest in a good hiking shoe. The problem with being a backpacker and moving around a lot, you need versatile clothing, especially footwear. I was looking for stylish backpacker boots that I could wear climbing and exploring the Rocky Mountains, yet be able to wear to the pub, or exploring in Iceland.

merrell eventyr

Image Courtesy of Amazon

It took a lot of research and debating to find a hiking shoe that also looked fashionable. With my sister's help, I chose Merrell's Eventyr Hiking boot. ​

My sister, who used to work in footwear retail, recommended Merrell, because they use quality materials and all of their shoes are either waterproof or water resistant. The fact that not only the quality and durability of the shoe met with my fashion requirements was a miracle. I also liked the fact that you could remove the sole of the shoe if you needed a speciality insert.

Once you get these shoes, remember that it's going to take a fair bit of breaking in. I wouldn't recommend going on a long hike with any brand new pair of hiking shoes. It took me quite awhile to break in the Eventyr, but it's also a highly durable product.

They have a number of different colors and lace options. I chose the Bungee Cord color, because I liked the pop of red in the laces.​

I did get blisters the first couple hikes with my Eventyr's, but now that they are completely broken in, I'm in love. ​They are the perfect hiking boots for Colorado. I also brought them hiking in Moab and Antelope Canyon. Plus, they are easy to slip on when I'm running to the pub!


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